Hello! We're the Rusanya Collective, and we're an Autistic, protogenic-endogenic polyplex of systems and side systems! You could technically simplify this down to recursigenic and you would still get our system origins technically correct. This said: our system origins do not dictate that most of our system is those origins. Most of us are actually soulbonds, of various origins and reasons for being here (and that is the most you will be getting from or about...most of us). We're Xive-heavy (fictives in particular), fandom and how we exist in the real world can intersect in weird-to-singlet ways, but we won't bite you for, like, not interpreting people who don't exist in the way we do, haha. Things to add but don't warrant as much elaboration include:
  • We have ADHD, tends to effect our executive functioning when our plurscrambling isn't.
  • Beyond not giving a fuck about what bigots think, we're rather shy. The impression we tend to give people is...definitely not that, it seems.
  • We love cats. We have always been a cat family, and by family we mean our system.
  • We love podcasts! They're the holy grail of low-energy activities, when even anime doesn't work.
  • We currently have a double BA in psychology and social justice! We want to go to graduate school eventually, for psychology, although we aren't quite sure of the path we would need to take. We'll figure it out eventually.

Please note that this website is a work in progress, and is probably going to be fairly messy for a little while. Currently, you can find us on Twitter (on-and-off/inactive but still around), Tumblr (active), and Mastodon (inactive but still around) if you want to check out what we're up to.